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Home Learning Program

Ladybird is offering a Home Learning Program during the closure for COVID-19.



Preschool programs for children in JakartaFirst Steps – 1 ½ - 2 ½ years

  • sessions held twice a week for 1½ hours
  • provides an informal introduction to preschool, the main focus being on fun activities alongside other children of a similar age
  • each session incorporates a range of activities - outdoor play, art and craft, sand and water, play-doh and other sensorial materials, plus a carefully chosen selection of high quality books, games, puzzles, table-top and ride-along toys
  • children move freely between activities under the supervision of their own caregiver and the guidance of Leaders
  • children are encouraged to come together for circle time, where together with their care-giver they participate in action songs, finger rhymes, movement and dancing activities
  • a few minutes are spent looking at books and pictures together and playing simple games to promote understanding and development of English
  • children eat a snack together before home-time
  • swimming activity once a month

Each group is limited to approximately 15 participants, each of whom will be accompanied by one adult. We appreciate that many parents will be working, therefore children may be accompanied by their nanny or baby-sitter. Please note however that we cannot allow children to be accompanied by both a baby-sitter and a parent

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Hands On  - 2½ - 3 ½  years

  • Preschool Programs in Jakartadesigned for children who have attended First Steps or for children attending preschool for the first time
  • children may attend 2x weekly accompanied by a parent or other caregiver OR children may 3x weekly program unaccompanied
  • slightly more structured than First Steps and takes into account children’s increasing physical skills and gradually increasing concentration span
  • children participate in self-selected activities and small and large group activities
  • challenges all areas of development and includes activities such as art and craft, sand and water play, music and movement, simple cookery and food preparation, circle time for language reinforcement, indoor and outdoor play, group snack time, etc.
  • activities which practice new skills such as scissor work, easel painting, colouring and shading are gradually introduced
  • additional focus on socio-emotional and character development: importance of nurturing independence, self-confidence and social skills such as sharing and turn-taking.

(Hands On is designed as a program which children will attend 3 days a week, unaccompanied by their parent or baby-sitter. However we recognise that for many children of this age the process of separation is a stressful experience and for this reason we also provide a transitional program which children may attend twice weekly, accompanied, up to the age of 3 years.)

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Right Start - 3½ to 4½ years

  • Right Startchildren attend this program unaccompanied either 3 or 5 days a week
  • gradually prepares children for kindergarten and consolidates their English language skills
  • emphasis remains on 'learning through play'
  • art projects and activities allow for further development of creative expression. They are prepared taking the needs of the individual child into account and become more challenging in terms of skills they require
  • simple cookery and food preparation
  • simple science projects and experiments
  • classroom circle time helps to reinforce language development around a particular theme or topic
  • singing and story-time are continued as daily activities
  • pre-reading and writing skills are introduced and children are encouraged when they display an interest in letters and numbers
  • during this year children begin to form closer friendships with their peers and much more co-operative, imaginative play is seen
  • swimming is offered once a month, and twice for children attending the 5-day program
  • 5-day program also includes computer centre where children work either individually or in pairs through a series of carefully selected and graded software

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Kindergarten - 4 ½ - 6 ½ years

English kindergarten in JakartaMonday-Friday 8.15 – 12.45 p.m.

During the kindergarten years we build on the skills and attitudes children have developed in preschool and introduce new language and concepts in a stimulating and challenging environment.

Although English is still the dominant medium of instruction children also have one lesson each day in Bahasa Indonesia. This dual-language program is an ideal preparation for either National/National Plus or International schools.

Our content- language integrated curriculum aims to develop fluency in English while at the same time exploring concepts and ideas in areas such as maths, science, art and literature. Teachers carefully scaffold children’s language and learning through both group and individual activities.

InReading in the Kindergarden class at Ladybird Preschool in Jakarta KG2 we adopt an inquiry based ‘project approach’ to learning, with children exploring topics in depth, thus further stimulating their curiosity about the world around them. Teachers encourage creative thinking and emphasise the need for children to develop responsibility for their own learning.

In the kindergarten we use an eclectic variety of approaches to develop early literacy skills, and our extensive maths program ensures that children have a solid foundation in these essential areas of development

We recognise that the development of literacy skills are crucial to a child’s later success at school. In KG1 the focus of the daily lesson in Bahasa Indonesia is a structured, interactive reading program, whilst English literacy is initially developed through a broader ‘whole language’ approach to reading and writing. Beginning by producing picture dictionaries and writing simple shopping lists in KG1, children  progress to writing their own journals and creating books as part of their projects by the end of KG2.

In addition to core literacy and maths our curriculum includes science, cookery, art & craft, drawing class, computer, Mandarin and swimming lessons/

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Field Trips

Kindergarden Kids Baking

Kindergarden kids visiting the police


Field trips are an integral part of the kindergarten program. Teachers survey each venue before visiting for the first time to assess for safety and suitability. On return to school teachers prepare an album or journal for children to take home and review the field trip with their parents.


Preschool field trips in JakartaPlaces children have visited include

  • Kite museum
  • SeaWorld
  • Primate Centre
  • Road Traffic Police Centre, Cibubur
  • Fire Station
  • Bogasari Baking Centre
  • Fruit Market
  • Pasirmukti Outdoor Centre
  • Taman Buah Mekarsari

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Special Events

Preschools in JakartaBoth preschool (Right Start) and kindergarten children celebrate many special events throughout the year.

These include Independence Day, Hari Kartini, Chinese New Year, Easter egg hunt, End of Year/ Christmas Party, Year End Performance

Other internal special events for the kindergarten children include:

  • Pirate Treasure Hunt
  • Kite Painting
  • Digikidz Robotics Workshop


Celebrating the 17th of August Study English for preschoolers
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